Outgoing mail (1967)
Letter, A.P. Ershov->E. Z. Lyubimsky, 04.01.1967
Telegram, A.P. Ershov->A. A. Stogniy, 05.01.1967
Telegram, A.P. Ershov->L. N. Korolev, 06.01.1967
Covering letter, A.P. Ershov->A. A. Logunov, 04.01.1967
Letter, A.P. Ershov->B. N. Naumov, 07.01.1967
Letter, A.P. Ershov->I. V. Klokachev, 19.01.1967
Letter, A.P. Ershov->A. N. Miamlin, 21.01.1967
on invitation of the addressee to join the IFIP Congress' Program Subcommittee on the "Equipment" sector
Covering letter, A.P. Ershov->Genkin, 26.01.1967
Telegram, A.P. Ershov->A. A. Dorodnitsyn, 25.01.1967
Covering letter, A.P. Ershov->N. S. Furs, 29.01.1967
Letter, A.P. Ershov->Unknown addressee, 06.02.1967
Letter, A.P. Ershov->V. M. Glushkov, 06.02.1967
Letter, 10.02.1967
Letter, A.P. Ershov->E.I. Yakovlev, 10.02.1967
Letter, A.P. Ershov->V. M. Glushkov, 28.02.1967
Letter, 28.02.1967
Letter, A.P. Ershov->A. A. Dorodnitsyn, 28.02.1967
Letter, V. P. Kochergin->V. M. Glushkov, 12.12.1967(?)
Greetings to the staff of the UkrSSR AS Institute of Cybernetics on the occasion of its 10th anniversary
Letter, A.P. Ershov->, 28.02.1967
Letter, A.P. Ershov->H. I. Kilov, 28.02.1967

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