School Informatics
US trip of Soviet schoolchildren
"Formation of the delegation"
List, 01.09.1986
Preliminary list of schoolchildrens
List, 03.09.1986
corrected list of the trip participants
Program, 03.09.1986
of preparation to the trip (handwritten by A.Ershov)
Notes, 05.10.1986
on the adults' responsibilities, things to take, etc.
List, 01.10.1986
of all main and reserve participants
Draft lists
of adult and young participants with character notes and test results
of scholchildren(by schools) and university students
Individual cards
of schoolchildren
of schoolchildren with their travel-abroad histories
Short summaries
of each child's personality, programming experience, etc.
List, 23.08.1986
of schoolchildren and students submitted by L. Gorodnyaia
Note, 23.08.1986
on the procedure of formation of a delegation for a long-term trip
Lists, 26.08.1986-01.09.1986
Several versions of selection lists
with the trip issues that interested schoolchildren
Personal cards
of deleation members with notes of their knowledge of English
Guest card, 28.10.1986
of the AS Hotel with names and telephone numbers of participants

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