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N 11104-02-644                                                                                                           October 27, 1978


                                                                                                To the Director of Cybernetics Institute

                                                                                                Of Uzbek SSR Academy of Sciences

                                                                                                Academician V.K.Kabulov


                                                                                         Cc: To the corresponding member

                                                                                                Of USSR Academy of Sciences



Dear Vassil Kabulovich!


I would like to communicate to you some of my views regarding the Urgench conference.


As far as I know, for the time being the main tendency regarding the invited foreigners is being
towards Americans the fact that, frankly speaking, somewhat annoys me. Contrary to many I do
not tend to fawn upon this flock.


During my stay in Oslo I had talks with Zemanek. There is one professor in FRG, Kaufmann (Now
he is retired), who concerned oneself with the history of oriental mathematics and Al-Khorizmi in
particular. He would be very glad to receive the invitation. His address is:

           Dr.Hans KAUFMANN

           Eichenstrasse 18

           D-8134 Pocking

           Bundesrepublik Deutschland


Secondly, something else occurred in Oslo. Zemanek told about your conference to one Iraqi and he
became highly interested. I talked to him later and promised him that he will receive the conference
information letter. Probably this Iraqi will not come himself but somebody else will come (he spoke
about some Arab engaged in Arabization of cybernetics (in the sense of terminology)).

Here is this Iraqis address:



       Exec. Manager for Selection and Training

       The National Computers Centre

       P.O.Box 3261

       Baghdad IRAQ


First of all I would like to know your opinion on invitation of Kaufmann and Iraqi. If it is positive
then it is necessary to mail the conference information to both of them. I think that we will be able to
invite them as the Academy of Sciences guests.


By the way, let me notice that I have no sufficiently detailed information about this conference


Also it seems to me that we ought to think over the issue of the conference program. Should we
include in the program a historical session? (Zemaneks contribution will be of definitely
historical nature).


I would like to receive your (and those of Andrei Petrovich) considerations on my suggestions.


                                                                                                                     Yours, A. Dorodnitsyn


P.S. Many thanks for the Gurza snake. It is in good health. True, it ate nothing for ten long days, but
then during one night it swallowed three mice and now is digesting them. Thus I obtained a real
instrument to exert pressure on those who cringe to Americans and Zionists.

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